About Us



SBS Motorsports Inc. was founded by father-son Bruce Stuckey and Scott Stuckey.  Racing has always been a favorite past time of the Stuckey family! 

Mission Statement


Our current mission is to build community within and among our youth by positively changing the perception of drug use in our youth, their parents, and caregivers. We believe this mission starts preteen (8-12-year age range) by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers. We want to help by building resiliency, developing peer support groups, and breaking chains of generations of addiction. 

Vision Statement


Our vision includes bringing awareness of how addiction is crippling our society. It is to reach those struggling with addiction, provide recovery solutions, and create programs to help break the chains of addiction before they start in our youth.

Winning With Love

Driven By Grace

Empowered By Faith

Meet The Team


Scott Stuckey- Driver


I am a second-generation driver that fell in love with motorsports of all sorts with that first smell of race fuel. It has been no easy ride as I had a lot of proving to do. I didn't get to just jump in and go racing. My father firmly believed if I wanted to race I was going to learn to work on, maintain, and tune a race car before I sat behind the wheel. I spent many nights sweating it out grinding tires, running valves, changing parts, and tuning chassis. As my addiction for racing grew, I knew I wanted to race and put the effort in that it took to make it. I had no clue there was a whole nether addiction that lay waiting for me in the years to come.  

Soon, the long days and late nights took over my life at a young age. With this, came a fast life that involved the use of drugs and alcohol. I had no clue this was going to lead to several years of addiction in the years to come. I began my racing career at age 18. Over the next few years, there would be wins, losses, memories made, and the births of my two amazing children. Through these events I managed some short periods of sobriety, but never seemed able to break the chains. In 2012, I was introduced to the world of opiates. It wasn't until after the loss of my father and a torn ACL suffered at work would I find out all too quick the hell opiate addition would cause me and my loved ones. I went from a reputable employee, friend and father to a man that became unemployable watching my life I had worked hard for crumble beneath my very eyes.                                                                                 

I fought for several short periods of sobriety in the years to come, but could never quite shake it. Somedays, I just wanted it all to end. I pleaded for it to come to an end one way or another. I even prayed it would be the last time I got high several times. “Just end it God” I would say.  I had no clue He had a greater plan for me than that.                                                                                  

It wasn't until I turned my life to God that I was able to find enough courage to look deeper and try to figure out was missing. As I began to look deeper, I found it wasn't what was missing, but the guilt and shame I had created keeping me chained. It was the hell I created I wanted to run from. It wasn't until I asked forgiveness I found any relief from this addiction. It was an instant weight of my shoulders almost as though all I had to do was ask.   

As I pushed through the battle and gained clean time I began to ask myself "what can I do to make a difference? How can I help those still suffering and those losing the battle of addiction?” These moments are the very moments in which Racing Against Heroin began to come into existence. It became obvious to me God wanted to use my talents and my struggles to help others find Christ and battle addiction. Now, with a clean date from all mind-altering chemicals of November 5, 2014, we have rebuilt a race team. This team was built by recovery, for recovery, and with the love of recovery. Our goal as a team is to spread a message that recovery is possible and that there are men and women from all walks of this planet that have been bound by these chains and CAN be set free! 


Dennis Stuckey- Co Founder

 I am one of the co-founders of Racing Against Heroin. I am married with six kids. I am currently a third year Ministry student. I will have my degree (B.S.) in Church Leadership with an emphasis in Counselling within the next year. I also work with many different churches and addiction recovery outreaches across the tri-state region.  

That is part of my current story, but I was not always here. Up until I was 32, I was just another statistic with no hope. I was trapped in the midst of drug and alcohol addiction for over 16 years. I was the prime example of what some call a functioning addict for many of those years. I held down jobs and supported my family. This was true until about age of 30. This was when the bottom fell out, between falling deeper into uncontrollable addiction and depression due to personal and family matters, my life almost came to a crashing end. That is when I realized the only way out was to run to Jesus Christ. Some people say my story is unheard of or even not possible, but it was a truly a miracle.  

My story of being delivered from the bondage of drugs is what I like to call “snap”. What does that mean you ask? Well, after almost crashing my car due to being under the influence I made it home and just cried out to God for help knowing I couldn’t live like this anymore. It was at that moment, just like a “snap” of the fingers or a fever breaking. I felt this sickness leaving my body immediately and since that moment my chains were broken. I have been drug free since, no affective triggers, nor have I relapsed. I give all the glory to God and this has been my platform that He has given me to help others. I have been called to help those battling addiction. I have been called to show people that there is something better out there for them. I currently help run a 12-step faith based program for men. I am part of the startup of our Heroin Ministry at my church.